Micro-Business Mentoring program by the NEW-WBC

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NEW-WBC is initiating a mentoring program where female entrepreneurs and small business owners will get not only first-hand guidance, but also the resources and tools to ensure they are on the right track for economic independence.

This is a Bilingual English – Spanish Program focus on three specific areas:

  • Beauty and Barber Shops

  • Residential and Commercial Cleaning

  • Childcare

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Barbershops & Beauty Salons

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Residential & Commercial Cleaning

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Benefits of Mentoring

For women entrepreneurs, to be successful, they need to move beyond the basic access to financial and human capital while still being able to deal with social and skill limitations they face every day.

Women’s satisfaction of the need for autonomy and intention to stay empowered through their own business were strongly associated with the direct effects of mentoring.

Learning from a mentor is one of the quickest ways to increase the chances of success because it gives the access to knowledge on paths to avoid obstacles that can slow down business development.